Our professional staffs have a strong experience in designing and calculation energy generation solutions. Our expertise covers projects developed for the domestic market as well as abroad. We utilize the most advanced design and engineering tools to deliver efficient and economical energy solutions.



Utah Solar through its partners and their associates maintain a strong and continues relationship with top equipment manufacturers all over the world, which enable us the acquisition of high end quality and warranted products at a low cost due to our scaled economy purchasing power.


Along with our ongoing R&D activity our company is in a sustained task of searching for the most evolved technology in solar equipment sharing information among the network of our associates and partners.



Both in the United States as well as overseas like Europe, Asia and Latin America, solar plants projects have been constructed by our partners at Utah Solar. We have built from roof top jobs to some large utility scale solar power plants.


We incorporate in a our processes of construction, rationalized construction methodology as well as "on time" programming along with proprietary construction systems making our projects viable and operatives in shorter time frames than the average as well as lower costs results, enhancing the investors profits.